• The actual interest rate, APR and payment may vary based on the specific terms of the loan selected, verification of information, your credit history, the location and type of property and other factors as determined by Lenders.
  • Only available in California.
  • Rates are subject to change daily without notice.


Primary Property(自住/SFH)

贷款金额 $350k~‬548K
30年固定 2.75% APR起
15 年固‍定⁢ 2.25% APR起

贷 款金额$548K-822K
30 年固定 2.875% APR起
15 年固定 2.25% APR起

5/1 ARM 3.125%APR起

30年固定 3.125% APR起
15 年固‍定⁢ 2.75% APR起


Rental Property(投资房)
30年固定 3.25% APR起

信用⁠分͏数720 以上


No Point No Fee! 

Rate subject to change without notice, certain rules and terms apply.


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